Deluxe Avocado Scoop

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Deluxe Avocado Scoop
Deluxe Avocado Scoop
Deluxe Avocado Scoop

Finally ... a tool to make the perfect avocado toast in seconds!

Imagine, in one swift scoop, removing the soft buttery fruit from its waxy shell. Satisfying isn't it? It's just like scooping out that last bit of peanut butter that's stuck at the bottom of the jar - you know what we mean.

With a quick twist of the tool the pit is effortlessly removed. In a few easy steps, you can go from whole fruit to spread on toast or served in the perfect guacamole.

Our deluxe Avocado Scoop is made from only the best high grade polyethylene - giving you peace of mind that all our products are built to last.

We're so sure that you'll love our Avocado Scoop that we're offering a One Year Money-back Guarantee.

Don't miss out! Limited Quantity left. 

Order yours now!

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