Premium Zester

Kitchen Mastery

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Premium Zester
Premium Zester
Premium Zester

Would you like to know the secret top chefs keep to themselves?

Save yourself time and effort creating your favourite recipes with this handy secret!

The microplane zester is the quickest, easiest and safest kitchen cutting tool; you'll never want to use a box grater ever again!

 With its soft rubberised grip there's no chance of accidentally cutting your fingers - so you can save the blue plasters for those using their wobbly and unreliable box graters! 

Made from surgical steel, it effortlessly slices hard to grate ginger root and Parmesan cheese. Our Microplane zester produces the finest ribbons of zesty citrus and dark chocolate. This means not only do your favourite recipes get an added boost of mouthwatering flavours but they also get a bright and decorative touch.

Take your cookery to the next level with our best selling premium zester

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